Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Memory Box Monday

A blog I am following A Place Called Simplicity posted Memorial Box Monday. I immediately thought about my first Memorial Box Monday story. Although it is not about an adoption is is about a father and daughter; although it is Wednesday it happened on Monday so I believe it still qualifies.

Let me start back at the beginning. A few weeks ago I was at daddy's house and I saw a harvesters box of food. I was SOOOO devasted to realize my daddy had to resort to the harvesters to eat. Was he really so in need of money that he could not buy food? It hurt my heart. What to do to help him? Well after inquiring he really wasn't that bad off; however, a friend thought he was a dropped the box by his house. (We will get back to this.)

My story: I agonized at the beginning of November about a new job. I absolutely LOVE the job I have now; however, I needed the new job for the income. My husband had been out of work for a year and went back to work the middle of September. Needless to say we were behind and my savings had all been used. After a couple of months back to work we are starting to get a handle on things... Then last week my husband was laid off unexpectedly. I was very shocked. No savings at all . All I could think was "what do I do now?" I had expected money to be coming in only to realize NOPE  once again not this time.  My son is in college so only my daughter at home, but how was I to provide for her when my checks do not cover everything. So I applied for the job even though my heart broke to think of leaving the one I have now.

Sunday I realized I was completely broke. Only $17 in my bank account and over a week before I get paid again. To make matters worse had an email that the job I applied for did not pan out. So no pay increase on the horizon. How to make it through...How to even go to the grocery store. You guessed it Monday daddy called and said "come by here after you get off work". He had taken from the box what he would use and he wanted to give me the rest if I would use it. Little did he know I DID desperately need it. I am in tears as I write this. God does provide for us! Yes, that harvesters box that I was so heartbroken over has saved my daughter and I this week. We actually had something to fix for supper!!! It is a very humbling experience. It hurts my heart to write this. I never thought I would be in this place in my life. I work hard ever day, I try to make things work out...  Only to realize HE is the ONLY person that works things out. HE comes through for us when we are at our lowest. HE is with us at all times and never forgets us. We must just trust that he will provide. I thank the Lord that HE does provide. HE has shown his love for me in a very humbling way. The basic necessity of life, nourishment to our bodies... HE has nourished my soul more this week than my body. I am going to start a Memorial box. This is my first Memorial Box blessing to remind me no matter how low things seem HE is still with us and HE will provide.

 Praise Jesus. God Bless.