Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Better today. :)

Okay, I am feeling better today and not so overwhelmed. This is going to be a "small steps" process.  I learned more about the little one I want and I still want her (if she will have us). She is almost 7 years old. I would love to start right away; however, also got a handle on some of the finances and that just isn't in the cards yet. I am praying on it and doing what I can do. Hoping to officially "start" by the end of February. My daughter asked  "Do you think you will have her home by my birthday?" Sorry to inform her that would not be possible. :( Wish it could, but just don't see it happening by May. The little one is an "older child" and she has special needs so that might make it a little quicker, but I have to have a firm handle on the beginnings of the financing before I can commit to her and start the process. Continue to pray. If it is meant to be it will be. I prayed for months that my husband would hop on board and he literally almost did "hop on board". He went from "no we can't afford one, don't need one" to "if you can finance it... go get her" all in the space of a heartbeat. Could not believe it. As Linny would say YIPPEE JESUS!!! HE had to have a hand in it because my husband has been telling me for years we were not adopting.

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