Thursday, January 5, 2012

Emotion of the Day

This week has been emotionally trying. Ups, downs, all over the place in between. The emotion for the day GUILT! I feel guilt that I want to get a child and bring her home. I feel I am taking away from a family by spending so much (6 months salary) on trying to get one little girl home. I don't know why I feel this way, I guess because my hubby said "we could buy a car with that money". It is not that he wants to buy a car and I asked him if we shouldn't... and he said "You get back 10fold what you give. I say we give to get her." :) That was amazing. My son told me "I know lots of people mom, we can raise the money, we got this." He is 19 and out of the house and I miss him so much sometimes. He has the biggest heart of any of my kids. None of my three children have acted the least like they are being slighted by money that I will need to bring a sister home to the family. Why then am I having so much trouble feeling guilty? UGH!! What a long road ahead this will be. G'nite all. Please pray for me and the *sister* that I can hopefully commit to soon. God Bless.


  1. I can tell you this - because I have seen it happen time and again - when you step out in faith, God will provide. There is one family I know of who is adopting who, in the last week, was blessed with over $10,000 in donations for their adoption. Read her testimony here - - There are many, many folks who want to help - they just want to know where the need is. Just be warned - there are those who will criticize - those who know you privately who will "tsk tsk" that you are "begging" friends and family for money and those who have never met you who will feel it is their right and duty to leave venomous comments here and tell you that what you are doing is wrong in so many ways. God's children know better. God's command to care for orphans is clear. His command to share what you have with those who have not is clear, too. If you step out in faith and are willing to do battle, this can happen.

    As for us - we're just praying that the two cars we drive - currently paid for and currently building up quite the mileage counts - will last!

  2. agree with all Jennifer says! a childs life cannot be measured in money and your other children watching and experiencing a child saved will be given something priceless to carry in their hearts forever!

    But only you can decide...pray pray pray, God will lead you alongthe right path.

    all my love and support for whatever path you are lead down.