Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memorial Box Monday

My Memorial Box Monday happened last MONDAY!!!

I was looking at young children (especially girls). I have a deep desire and have for many years to adopt my daughter a sister. She has two brothers, but no sisters. I have two of each and my "sister bonds" as so special that I just could not leave my daughter with a hole in her heart. (She doesn't know it, but I feel it is there. She doesn't think she is missing anything. She will learn.)

Many times before when looking at babies my husband would walk over and say "Yeah she's cute, but we don't need any more" or "Yeah she's cute, but we can't afford to adopt" or more recently "Yeah she's cute, but you have a new grandbaby to spoil now we don't need another one." Well this Monday I had not expected any different. I had been praying that if this adoption that was so deep in my heart was to become a reality then please bring my husband on board as I could not do it without him. Same prayer, many months.

Well Monday when I was looking at these little ones I kept going back to one that caught my eye in November. My husband walks over and says "Yeah, she's cute..... If you think we can raise the funds you can get her." IMAGINE MY SHOCK! I could not believe he actually said yes.

I have been on a roller coaster of emotion this past week now second guessing myself because we don't have the money saved to even start much less finish a $25,000 adoption. He has been laid off, but now he is working again so we will eventually have the money, but right now? Why did he agree now? We can't do this now. BUT the little one I am looking at turns 7 next month. The orphange will transfer her out of the baby house. She is very small and not mentally capable to care for herself. How can they transfer her? She can not bathe herself and she is in diapers. How will she survive. We must move quickly, but how? I received more information on her and SHE SHARES A BIRTHDAY WITH MY HUSBAND!!! So cool. Another positive in his book. He is entirely on board. Now I am stressing the "hows" of it all.

However, I will never forget the Monday when he finally agreed. :) God is great and he DOES answer prayers. Definately not in our time but he does answer. Yippee Jesus!!!


  1. I found your post among the other MBM posts, and I love your story. It's truly amazing, how God answers our prayers. Even when it seems that it would be impossible to change a heart.
    Best of luck with your adoption, and don't be afraid to ask for help from your bloggy friends- we would be glad to help raise the funds through spreading the word, or even prayer for your family and your future child.

  2. What a wonderful story of God changing the heart of another. We have a family situation where hearts need to be changed...I know God will do it in HIS time...bless you as your open your home and your hearts to your little one ordained by God to be part of your family.
    Renee from MBM ~ www.myautumnyears.blogspot.com

  3. The little girl that swayed the heart of the hubby has found a forever family. I won't be bringing her home. I guess God is telling me "Yes she is cute, but you don't need her."